Canberra Trots
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We review Australia's favourite sports betting and Canberra Trots sites along with tips for increasing your chances at winning big bucks betting online! We cover sports such as horse racing, AFL, greyhound racing and other Australian favourite sports

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What is Canberra Trots?

Gambling continues to be popular these days. There are many sporting events that you can place your bet on. One of the common sports betting in Australia is Canberra trots. It is a harness racing where a horse needs to pull a sulky or cart while racing with the other horses.

Canberra trots began in Australia during the 1800s. It was started by men who used to race by their carts on their way home. When it became famous, formal rules were created and it was transformed into a sport. This made Canberra trots to be one of the most popular sports betting in Australia.

In horse racing, thoroughbred and standardbred horses are usually used. In Canberra trots, standardbred is the breed of choice because it has the qualities fitted for the sport. Standardbred horses are more muscled with longer body than the other breeds.

In Canberra trots, horses are seen to be moving in diagonal gait because the horses’ right front and left rear legs move together while left front and...


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